Helping amputees more easily pursue and enjoy movement and activities.

As an amputee, you face endless challenges staying active. Body mechanics change. Everything hurts. And each activity often means expensive specialized equipment.

It's enough to wear out anybody—all at the moment where staying active is more important than ever for physical, mental, and emotional health. And while there's no shortage of basic resources, details about the tools and tactics to help you stay active are another story.

For amputees, one size never fits all—or even most. Context is everything. Your amputation level, location, activities, goals, age, gender, financial resources, and so much more play into every aspect of life as an amputee.

Adaptable understands that context and helps you find answers to match your situation and goals so you can pursue and enjoy any sport or activity that moves you.

Stay in the Loop Launching Early 2021

We're building tools to help amputees find financial resources to help them stay active. Whether equipment grants, discounts, scholarships for Adaptive sports programs, or something else entirely, we'll help find the relevant programs and resources for your amputation type, location, goals, and activities.

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About Adaptable is designed to help amptuees find information about staying active in a way that's relevant to their specific context and needs. It's a 501(c)3 charitable organization, and all of the software that powers the site and organization is open source and freely available for others to use.

We're aiming to launch in early 2021 by starting with a searchable database of financial tools and resources availabe to amputees for training, equipment, and other resources to help you pursue and enjoy movement and activity.

The People Making it Happen

The Adaptable Board is made of individuals with deep knowledge of and first-hand experience with amputation, disabilities, adaptive sports, software, social media, non-profits, and operations. In addition to the formal non-profit board, we're also assembling an advisory board to ensure we have representative perspectives from a diverse group of individuals with different knowledge and experiences.

  • Kirsten Atkins More about Kirsten Atkins Board Member

    Kirsten brings over 30 years of knowledge and experience working with adaptive athletes. She holds multiple accreditations from the Professional Ski Instructors of America and has worked with adaptive athletes all over the world.

  • Jo Beckwith More about Jo Beckwith Board Member

    Jo is a public speaker, advocate, writer and below-knee amputee. She unceasingly shares her experiences online as an amputee and survivor of trauma while also being a strong advocate for mental health.

  • Garrett Dimon More about Garrett Dimon Co-founder & Treasurer

    Garrett is a below-knee amputee who brings over 20 years of experience designing and developing web applications. He is also on a never-ending quest to learn how to adapt and stay active as an amputee.

  • Lauren Dimon Co-founder & Secretary

    Lauren keeps things running smoothly behind-the-scenes. She is a full-time mother with a background in elementary education and understands the challenges of supporting an amputee spouse.

  • Luis Garcia More about Luis Garcia Board Member & President

    Luis brings 20 years of experience in project management and software development. He has helped numerous organizations of all sizes with software and operations and uses that knowledge to help Adaptable stay on track.

  • Keith Jacobs More about Keith Jacobs Board Member & Vice President

    Keith adds decades of experience in project management, healthcare, and non-profit organizations. In addition to business, Keith is a guest lecturer on prescription drug pricing and entrepreneurial ethics.

  • Ian Warshak More about Ian Warshak Board Member

    Ian is a software developer, entrepreneur, athlete, and a quadruple amputee. Over the years he has played many different roles For a variety of both bootstrapped and venture-backed software startups.

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Have questions? Interested in getting involved or helping? Or just want to share knowledge that may help? We're all ears, and we'd love to hear from you.